Postdoctoral Fellow position open at Lim Lab @ UW-Madison

The Lim laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Biochemistry is looking for a talented postdoc to tackle exciting new questions on structure-function relationships in human telomere maintenance mechanisms.

Telomeres are unique protein-DNA caps at the ends of human chromosomes that protect genome integrity. We are super interested in understanding how telomeres are replicated by telomeric protein complexes and how these mechanisms are regulated at the chromatin level.

We employ interdisciplinary techniques to establish physiologically relevant structure-function relationships. They include biochemistry, cryo-EM structural biology, single-molecule biophysics, genetics, and cell biology approaches. On top of our well-equipped lab space, we also house two state-of-the-art microscopes (NIKON iLAS2 4-color TIRF & LUMICKS 3-Color C-Trap).

Multiple projects are available in using the C-Trap and AFM to study protein-DNA interactions at single telomeres.

Interested candidates may read our lab publications for further details -
Lim & Cech, Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Bio., (2021)
He et al., Nature (2022)

Desired Qualifications: Ph.D. in Single-molecule biophysics, or biochemistry (and a passion for science!)

Interested candidates should send their C.V. and a 1-page research statement to